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Yarn storage
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This yarn feeder is specially designed for high gauge circular knitting machines. It is equipped with a special silent bearing, which greatly improves the service life, precision and rotation flexibility.

This yarn feeder adopts a bidirectional yarn storage wheel, which does not need to distinguish the direction.

The yarn storage method of the yarn separation ring reduces the interference of tension fluctuation caused by the superposition of yarns, and makes the yarn feeding more stable.

The yarn storage wheel adopts high-precision CNC machining, which has good precision and ensures the consistency of the yarn feeding length. 

This type of yarn storage is not suitable for sharper yarns, and wear will occur after long-term use.

The improved lightweight front and rear parking bars can improve sensitivity and stability, and are used for microfiber or special fibers.

(Lightweight probe rod is not suitable for opening cotton yarn, if customers who open cotton yarn for a long time are recommended to use conventional probe rod)

The front and rear parking levers have independent limit functions, which are convenient for debugging or idling operation.

The multi-slot rotary yarn knot filter is simple to adjust and easy to replace. This model adopts a ceramic filter yarn, which greatly improves the wear problem after long-term use.

The yarn clip is upgraded to ceramic material, which solves the problem of wear and tear after long-term use.

The yarn clamping method adopts an adjustable ceramic magnetic yarn gripper, which greatly improves the stability of the yarn feeding and the flatness, smoothness and wear resistance of the yarn clamping position.

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